Imagine this world without ‘a memory’ of elephants, ‘a crash’ of rhinos or ‘an embarrassment’ of pandas - the existence of these creatures is truly precious and their value is incalculable. They are, indeed, a treasure beyond measure. 
Treasure Beyond Measure marries the importance of biodiversity with the defining qualities of collective nouns and in doing so, conveys a powerful conservational message. This provides a significant point of difference from any other collective noun publication.
Inspired by Conservation Week 2017, Helen wrote a short rhyming poem which she went on to perform at WOMAD 2018. The response to it was so positive that she was asked by various audience members if she’d consider turning it into a children’s book. And so began the literary adventure that ultimately turned into a safari, a Collective Noun Safari.
Over 25 years of experience working as children’s speech language therapist and primary school teacher instilled a passion for words, children and education. Helen turned her hand to poetry in 2017 and quickly achieved success, featuring on Phantom Billstickers hoardings and writing for the New Zealand Poetry Society. She became a featured poet in the Ad Lib Literary Festival 2018, the Taranaki Arts Trail 2019, Spiegelfest 2019 and now graces the stage annually at WOMAD NZ.

Simon Chadwick is a professional illustrator based in Hampshire, UK who became involved with ‘Treasure Beyond Measure’ thanks to a mutual friend on Facebook. The animal kingdom, for all its diversity and wonder, has always fascinated Simon.

UK copies can be ordered HERE.

It was pretty clear from the outset that both Helen and Simon shared the same vision for ‘Treasure Beyond Measure’. The magic of this creative partnership is evident with each turn of its pages.