5 reasons why gifting Treasure Beyond Measure is better than a chocolate egg this Easter

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It's back .....and it's BIGGER!

World Wildlife Day Animal Art Competition Winners

Treasure Beyond Measure

Treasure Beyond Measure

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Just when you thought one of your favourite children's picture books couldn't get any better, here comes the Deluxe version of 'Treasure Beyond Measure'. With more pages, more illustrations and more collective nouns, you'll be truly amazed at all the language and learning that's packed into 32 pages! Buy Now.

Treasure Beyond Measure ticks all the boxes

Did you know that a GREAT children’s picture book is defined by 6 crucial features? And ‘Treasure Beyond Measure’ has them all!

• An entertaining well written storyline that provides some educational benefits
• Language that is fun, varied, rich and challenging to help build vocabulary
• An engaging theme with a relevant and thought-provoking message
• Beautiful illustrations that complement and enhance the words on each page
• Predictable patterns of rhyme and rhythm that support literacy development
• Re-readability i.e. it’s a book to revisit again…. and again……. and again!

Indeed, this delightful debut by New Zealand Children’s Author, Helen Griffiths, has garnered favourable responses from authors, celebrities, politicians, royalty and even Sir David Attenborough himself.

One Year On!

Let's go Globe Spotting!

Virtual Book Tour proves popular

Here’s what some teachers had to say about their virtual author visits. If you are interested in a virtual author visit, please contact Helen via this website.

“Thank you so much for today's session. I thought it was great and was awesome how the students were involved with it too.”

“Thank you so much Helen. I have so many kids inspired to do more for the environment. They have asked me to request the book for the library."

“Thank you so much Helen. They LOVED it!”

“It was very well done, very interactive, and educational. The book looks amazing with good themes, illustrations, and literacy rich."

“Thank you once again for all you’re doing to raise awareness and also support our learners during this difficult time.”

“It was perfectly pitched! And the message is so important. This book is a lovely resource.”

“With the book having a variety of different things to learn about including animal group names to environmental issues we face in the world there are a number of possible follow up options for us which is fantastic.”

Let’s get quizzical

$250 donated to World Wildlife Fund NZ

‘Treasure Beyond Measure’ makes Unity Books Children’s bestseller list upon release

A book fit for a future king, a prime minister and a bona fide living legend

Going global

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